Akhil Singh

“A little less conversation, a little more action please” – Elvis


Co-founder and Chief Product/Technology

  1. Leadership and Strategy:

    • Leading the formulation and execution of Gloo’s product and technology strategy, aligning it with our mission and vision.
    • Co-ideating and driving the development of Gloo TV and Gloo Club, our flagship products.
    • Overseeing the ideation, build, and launch phases of both products, ensuring seamless integration across web and Android TV platforms.
  2. Product Development and Innovation:

    • Directing the design and development of Gloo TV, an InternetTV platform that delivers engaging video content and interactive experiences to businesses and their customers.
    • Spearheading the ideation, build, and launch of Gloo Club, a community platform designed to help brands start and maintain customer communities through habit-forming rituals.
    • Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and user-centric design principles to create compelling and immersive experiences for our users.
  3. Business Expansion and Partnerships:

    • Identifying strategic partnerships and collaborations to enhance Gloo’s offerings and extend our market reach.
    • Collaborating with brands and content creators to curate and deliver premium video content through Gloo TV.
    • Establishing partnerships with brands to leverage Gloo Club as a valuable tool for customer community building and engagement.
  4. Team Management and Hiring:

    • Building and managing a talented team of professionals, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence.
    • Recruiting top talent to support Gloo’s product and technology initiatives, ensuring a diverse and skilled workforce.
    • Providing mentorship and guidance to team members, fostering their professional growth and ensuring high-quality product delivery.
  5. Business Growth and Results:

    • Driving the growth of Gloo by continuously improving our product offerings and expanding our customer base.
    • Demonstrating measurable impact through increased user engagement, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.
    • Continuously monitoring market trends and user feedback to iterate and enhance the Gloo TV and Gloo Club experiences.

At Gloo, our focus is on creating exceptional customer experiences through Gloo TV and Gloo Club. We are dedicated to ideating, building, and launching innovative products that redefine how businesses engage with their customers on web and Android TV platforms. With a strong emphasis on collaboration, user-centric design, and strategic partnerships, we are poised for continued success in the InternetTV and community engagement space.

Senior Product Manager

Glance | June 2021- Sept 2022
  1. Devised strategic vision and roadmap, creating delightful product experiences.
  2. Defined metrics for success and led consumer experience design, user research, and A/B testing.
  3. Owned the high-value creator/media platform and built self-serve platforms for enterprise integration.
  4. Drove innovation and trust through new formats and seamless content creation experiences.
  5. Mentored and grew junior product managers, ensuring strategic alignment and balanced goals.

Lead Product Manager

Jio Embibe | June 2018 - March 2021

As part of the early product team, I played a pivotal role in driving the growth and success of the Jio Embibe platform. Here are some key highlights of my contributions:

  1. Strategic Vision and Roadmap: Devised the end-to-end strategy and roadmap for the Jio Embibe platform, encompassing mobile, web, and APIs. Developed a comprehensive suite of products that catered to the needs of diverse educational organizations, including governments, enterprises, and SMEs. Enabled actionable insights through data and learning analytics, empowering teachers to teach better, students to learn better, and strategy teams to predict risks.
  2. Team Leadership: Led and nurtured multiple teams, including product managers, software testers, customer support, and data science/engineering members. Built high-performing teams from scratch, hiring and grooming talented individuals. Fostered a culture of collaboration and innovation, driving the team’s success.
  3. Customer-centric Approach: Transformed the customer experience by focusing on Net Promoter Score (NPS) improvement. Implemented productization of operational-led services, resulting in a remarkable 65% increase in NPS over a single quarter. Developed features that enhanced the platform’s applicability to organizations of different structures and sizes, incorporating standard operating procedures (SOPs) for better alignment.
  4. Market Expansion: Broadened the product’s reach by adding features that enabled the platform to cater to a wider market segment. Expanded the product’s applicability to organizations of various structures and sizes, accommodating diverse SOPs. Resulted in a significant increase in the product’s market share and revenue growth.
  5. Collaborative Leadership: Worked closely with the CEO, CPTO, CMO, and others on the leadership team. Actively contributed to strategic decision-making, ensuring alignment and balance between organizational goals and customer needs.

Throughout my tenure, I successfully contributed to the company’s growth and achieved outstanding results. By prioritizing customer-centric solutions, fostering effective team dynamics, and driving strategic initiatives, I have positioned myself for senior leadership roles in the industry.

Product Engineering Manager

Remedicohealth | Oct 2017 - July 2018

As a leader in engineering and product at early stage Remedico, I made significant contributions to the company’s success:

  1. Built MVP product from scratch within a record budget and time, validating the concept and achieving product-market fit.
  2. Set up intricate tracking and event architecture for precise analysis and insights.
  3. Conducted user research with patients and doctors to ensure alignment between what we built and what would be used.
  4. Developed an image classification machine learning model to enhance the recommendation system for doctors.
  5. Established and maintained HIPAA security compliance for all tech systems.

My contributions at Remedico demonstrate my ability to lead cross-functional teams, deliver efficient solutions, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Product & Engineering Manager (1st Consultant)

PandoCorp | April 2017 - Sept 2017

As the Product & Engineering Manager (1st Consultant) at PandoCorp, I played a crucial role in driving innovation and delivering results:

  1. Led the development of India’s first open-market digital delivery management platform, bridging the gap between demand and supply in real-time.
  2. Integrated the power of aggregation, big data analytics, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) into a unified platform interface.
  3. Oversaw the digitization of information, transactions, and documents across delivery ecosystems, empowering companies of all sizes.
  4. Drove product strategy and engineering efforts to ensure seamless connectivity and efficient data sharing between stakeholders.
  5. Collaborated with cross-functional teams to leverage advanced technologies and deliver impactful solutions in the delivery industry.

My contributions at PandoCorp demonstrate my ability to lead product and engineering initiatives, drive digital transformation, and shape the future of the delivery ecosystem in India.

Principal Product Engineer and Product Manager for Platform

Letsintern.com (acq AspiringMinds) | May 2015 - Feb 2017

As a Product, Technology & Growth Hacker, I played a pivotal role in driving the growth and success of the company, which was later acquired by AspiringMinds. Here are some key highlights of my contributions:

  1. Product: Defined, communicated, and owned the product plan, leading to successful launches. Implemented growth hacks resulting in a consistent conversion rate of 2,000 email subscribers per day for 9 months. Analyzed re-launch results and iterated on features based on product impact and available resources.
  2. Analytics and Optimization: Leveraged tools like NewRelic, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and HotJar to analyze user behavior, identify optimization opportunities, and improve conversions. Prioritized feature development based on business impact and minimum time required for user entry intent.
  3. Team Management and Leadership: Fostered effective communication and collaboration across teams. Inspired and grew top-performing team members, even without direct authority. Led product research priorities for strategic projects and conceptualized Letsintern Data Labs for better decision-making.
  4. User Experience (UX) and Design: Created UX designs using Photoshop and Sketch, developing them with Angular, Pug/Jade, or HTML. Made decisions on whether to build or buy solutions. Conducted A/B testing for each release based on feature importance and user training requirements.
  5. Marketing and Business: Expanded digital marketing channels, optimized email list segmentation, and improved email designs. Actively supported the sales team in meeting their targets and identified additional revenue avenues. Played an active role in acquisition discussions, valuations, and forecasting.

Throughout my tenure, I successfully contributed to the growth and acquisition of the company, utilizing my expertise in product, technology, growth hacking, and leadership. These experiences have positioned me as a valuable candidate for future senior leadership roles.

Software Development Engineer - I

Myntra | June 2013 - May 2015
  1. Full-stack Development & Ecommerce Engineering: Transitioned from PHP to Node.js, utilizing React and JSX, to develop modern and scalable web applications. Collaborated with ecommerce engineers to optimize warehouse management, inventory tracking, and order fulfillment for an enhanced customer experience.
  2. Customer Experience Optimization: Played a pivotal role in the customer experience pod, focusing on all digital touchpoints. Worked on improving usability, functionality, and performance, ensuring a seamless and delightful shopping experience for customers.
  3. Technology Migration & Code Quality: Led the successful migration from PHP to Node.js, enhancing software development efficiency. Maintained code quality through rigorous testing, code reviews, and adherence to best practices, resulting in reliable and performant software solutions.

Joined as a college intern, continued to be FTE from Nov 2013 with a pre placement hire. Completed by final year of college and Myntra together.

Founding Engineer Partner

The Pixelate | Dec 2010 - June 2013
  1. Core Technology and Development: Expertise in cross-platform application development using JS/PHP, API integration, and online campaign design.
  2. Social Media Campaign Management: Track, analyze, and optimize social media campaigns with code-level analysis and API integration.
  3. Development Consultancy and Tech Support: Provide ready-to-deploy code-bases, offer tech support, and expand agency services with scalable solutions.


B.Tech : Software Engineering

SRM University | 2011- 2015

Software Design
Software Architecture
Project Management
Software Testing
Software Metrics
Database Management Systems
Component-Based Technology

Bhavan's Vidyashram, Chennai

1. State Level Swimmer – 500m freestyle
2. Part of organizing cultural committees for theater, music and debates.
3. State winner of GK quiz for Wildlife & Nature

St. Columba's School, Delhi

1. Represented school in interschool swimming competitions
2. Performed with school theater group for a public show in Talkatora Stadium in Delhi

Projects & Certifications